I have also been writing a regular monthly article, for the Orchid Species Bulletin for most of that time. The Bulletin is published by the Orchid Species Society which is based in Brisbane, Queensland. My article normally comments on the plants displayed at their meetings. This has also resulted in my giving many talks to orchid societies and others over the years. A selection of talks is listed on my Talks page.

There are now over 9,500 of my photographs on this website, representing over 4,700 species, in over 640 genera. Some of them accompany the notes on my Articles page, but most are in links from the digital images page. If you would like any further information, or higher resolution images, let me know.

Some of my photographs are from displays at various orchid conferences, including each of the last eleven World Orchid Conferences (Tokyo, Auckland, Glasgow, Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, Kuala Lumpur, Dijon, Miami, Singapore, Johannesburg and Guayaquil). I also have over 250 orchids photographed in three dimensions (in other words two slides, which give a 3-dimensional image when viewed together).

Over 2,500 of the slides have been scanned as digital images and together with the digital photos they comprise over 4,800 species, in over 640 genera, and the list is growing. Many of my photos have appeared in books and magazines, and were used on the Orchidopedia CDrom which Greg Steenbeeke and I produced some years ago (which is now no longer available).

I am happy to come and give a talk to an orchid society using my photos for illustration purposes. But be aware that I am based in Brisbane, Australia, so you may have to pay fares for overseas trips! I should also point out this is only a hobby (some might say an obsession!), as I am not a professional photographer and fit all this, and growing orchids in my orchid house, in between having a life!

On my links page you will find links to a number of sites, particularly in Australia and New Zealand, which have information about species orchids, as well as some conferences and other sites with orchid species photographs.

By all means contact me, particularly if you have any suggestions or corrections to the information on my site. Bear in mind that all the text and photographs on these pages are copyright. Let me know if you would like to use any of my images.